NFL Owners And Their Righteous Anti-Gambling Hypocrisy

The NFL may soon have a team in Las Vegas.





Las Vegas is considered the gambling capital of America. The NFL shunned Las Vegas in the past even saying no to a commercial promoting the city prepared for the Super Bowl broadcast because the league wanted no ties to gambling. Times have changed and Las Vegas could have a team by 2019.

No NFL team is headquartered in an area that offers a sports book. Oakland’s Mark Davis is actively pursuing a stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas officials do not have a contract with Davis and his partners to move the National Football League franchise to Nevada, but money from a hike in the Las Vegas area hotel/motel tax is being collected and has been earmarked for a stadium that could house Davis’s Raiders in a Las Vegas venue. Raiders’ ownership and the state of Nevada reached a tentative deal whereby the state would throw $750 million into the stadium. Raiders ownership will be borrowing up to $1.1 billion from the Bank of America to finance the project. The tax is being collected despite the fact there is not signed agreement. Gambling is the least of Davis and the NFL’s Las Vegas push.

The National Football League is desperately trying to make American football work in London, England where legalized sports books are in storefronts. The National Football League had no problems with what appears to be legalized sports gambling or fantasy sports leagues and some of the league’s owners have partnered with DraftKings and FanDuel which are sold as games of skills and rely on professional athletes’ names and what they do in games. The NFL makes money off from fantasy leagues. All sports owners have no problems with casino marketing partners. The NFL and other sports league want it both ways although it seems the National Basketball Association owners might be open to legalized sports gambling on NBA contests. The NFL and the NCAA have fought and won battles to block sports books in Delaware and New Jersey. It seems when gambling suits sports owners and operators, it is a great way to enhance revenues.


The NFL has no problem with sports books in London and England.