Knicks Owner James Dolan Has Issues

James Dolan is battling with a former Knicks player Charles Oakley and criticizing Oakley in almost the same manner as he did two years ago with a 73-year old Knicks fan.




It is somewhat difficult to comprehend how things run at Madison Square Garden. Two years ago, Isaiah Thomas went back to working for Jim Dolan and Madison Square Garden. The one time NBA player and team executive in Toronto and for Dolan’s Knicks runs Dolan’s Women’s National Basketball Association franchise. In 2015, people were reminded of the messy time when Thomas ran Dolan’s Knicks. Workplace sexual harassment which was part of the Madison Square Garden culture according to court records. Dolan’s NHL Rangers franchise was also involved in a sexual harassment suit that was settled.

Under Dolan’s watch, there was a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed by a Thomas hire, Anucha Browne Sanders about ten years ago. Browne Sanders won the lawsuit as a jury found Thomas and Madison Square Garden guilty of sexual harassment. Anucha Browne Sanders was paid more than $11 million in damages in a settlement which is still one of the five largest monetary settlements of a sexual harassment suit in American history. Thomas, at least publicly, was not reprimanded by the NBA Commissioner David Stern who was always concerned with his league’s image except when it came to disciplining his ownership groups. Stern had no problems with Dolan who had to pay part of the fine or Thomas who coached the Knicks through 2008. The NBA doesn’t seem to be too concerned with Thomas because he is one of the faces of the NBA television package.

Thomas, who on his resume a jury verdict against him in a sexual harassment case, is now the president of a women’s basketball team and apparently will become a part owner of the team as well. Isaiah Thomas runs a women’s basketball team for Jim Dolan. Two men linked to creating a hostile work environment for women a decade ago. Dolan still runs a hostile workplace.


Former NBA Commissioner David Stern looked the other way at James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden workplace issues in 2007.