“Islanders-Brooklyn Arena Marriage Salvageable?”

Islanders ownership and Brooklyn Arena officials are reportedly talking about a new and temporary lease according to SportsNet’s Nick Kyperos.




Where will the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders franchise be calling home in 2020? Brooklyn? Queens? Or Belmont racetrack near the Queens-Nassau County border not far from the team’s old Nassau Coliseum home in Uniondale and the team’s present home in Brooklyn. And that may be problem, there could be too many arenas in the New York area for business and for Islanders ownership, the people who own the team’s present and former arenas just might not want more competition. Islanders ownership and the Brooklyn arena management could be revisiting the team’s iron clad 25-year lease after just two full seasons in January 2018. Islanders ownership wants to stay in New York.


The Islanders ownership is also kicking the tires in the parking lot of the Mets baseball stadium in Queens to see if an arena could be built there. This is the second time the area has been considered for an Islanders arena. Then there is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. The Garden owners may have to look for a new locale if New York City elected officials decide to end the Garden’s air rights lease over Penn Station to build a new transportation terminal. If the Islanders ownership is looking for city money in Queens, it might be a difficult task. The Belmont racetrack area is owned by the state and an arena can go onto the property without local opposition if New York State likes the plan. Four years ago, the state received four proposals for the property including a detailed design for a soccer facility from the North American Soccer League’s New York Cosmos. The state was less than impressed with any of the plans and is looking for new ideas. Islanders’ ownership has three options, stay or build in Queens or in Nassau. But is there an appetite for another building?


A number of Islanders owners have spent the last two decades looking for a suitable arena.