College Players Get No Money From The Game

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship Game is a signature event, so why aren’t the players being paid?




An almost national pharmacy/consumer products store blasted out an e-mail to customers over the weekend reminding them that the store has curbside pickup and that all a customer has to do is tell the store what munchies the customer wants, a store employee will get them and bring them outside and the transaction can be done on an app. The store is doing this so the customer won’t waste anytime and can watch the big show, the Men’s College Basketball Final. And the store has a promotion that will help the customer save money on the munchies. The game means money to many people in and out of the industry except the performers.

The system is fine and fans watching the games don’t complain the system does not include paying the people who provide the entertainment. There are scandalous amounts of money available for football and basketball coaches while the stars of the show, the players, are getting nothing except a college scholarship. Big time football and basketball schools are reaching out to successful smaller programs and poaching coaches which is perfectly fine in the college world even if the poached coach has a contact that must be broken. It seems the college presidents and chancellors want wins not educated players and are willing to pay big money, some of which comes at state colleges from taxpayers who make the college coach the state’s highest paid employee. Everyone makes money except the stars of the show. A practice that has gone on far too long and will continue unless the players start winning lawsuits and even then, colleges presidents through the NCAA will appeal the ruling and tie up for process. But there is a game to be played and money to be made and people want to be entertained.