Soccer Making A Comeback In The U.S

Will Soccer Become America’s Sport?

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With more and more European soccer players leaving their home city and coming to play on the U.S mainland, the MLS may become more popular than Spain’s La Liga or England’s Barclay’s Premier League. The increase in popularity in Major League Soccer is primarily due to the World’s most talented players playing for one of the twenty teams the league has. Recent rumors have even stated that one of the World’s greatest players, Christiano Ronaldo, may come to America and play for the Los Angles Galaxy.

Another factor in soccer’s awareness around the U.S is that more teams are being created in the MLS, which will increase the number of hometown fans to watch their home team in person or in the media.

If you were to watch the above video without any knowledge of who was playing and in what country, you may guess that it was not an American soccer team. Hearing those fans chanting songs and wearing green scarfs is something you would see in a European match. This was in fact a Seattle Sounders game and those fans are very American.

The NFL, MLB, and NBA all have a certain aspect and characteristic that attracts a fan to that sport. These three professional leagues are true American sports and the most popular. But what the MLS is doing right now is unprecedented. Soccer is not an American sport but it is gaining nationwide attention.

Could this also be from the recent success of the U.S Men’s & Women’s National Soccer Teams during recent World Cups?