[youtube_sc url=””]  While surfing the interweb today on Twitter, trying to see what friends of mine are going to see Dylan tonight,a Tweet popped up and said “The Lightning to buy out Vinny Lacavalier’s contract!!!” At first I wondered if this was some kind of Internet hoax,someone hacking in! But it was legit ,complete with Lighting logo and PR instructions. So marks an end of an era in Tampa Bay sports.

We often talk of the Mt Rushmore of sports,what four sports people would you put up to represent a town.Well Vinny would be up there for sure.Cut out of stone his last second goal against the Canadians, his pin point passes to the front of the net, his fight against Iginla in the Stanley Cup Finals.You could carve the whole Rocky Mountain range with the good play and deeds of number 4!