Tampa Bay Lightning Need To Take Advantage Of Power Play Success

One of the bright spots in the Tampa Bay Lightning’s 6-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Thursday night at the Tampa Bay Times forum was that the power play contributed three goals. Normally when a team gets three goals with the man advantage, you stand a pretty good chance to win the game, so in a sense; the feeling was that an opportunity was wasted Thursday night.  That point was not lost on Lightning head coach Jon Cooper.

“The power play, I have said it before, it is streaky,” Lightning head coach Jon Cooper said. “I think we were 0-for-7 or 0-for-10 not too long ago, I can’t remember. We were getting chances, and they just were not going in. You are not going to score every single power play. You sit there, and if you go 1-for-5 every game, that is 20 percent and all of a sudden you are looked at as a really good power play.  We missed a few chances and now we are starting to bury them.”

Still, scoring three power play goals in a game and not winning is frustrating for the head coach.

“The frustrating part is we just wasted three power play goals on a game that we lost,” Cooper said. “That’s what’s tough. Sometimes you need them in the games, a little more consistency. Of the last three or four games, we have consistently scored on the power play, and now we have to take advantage of that.”