Report: Colorado Avalanche To Pass On Seth Jones

An interesting development late Tuesday night in terms of the NHL Entry Draft, when a report from Adrian Dater of the Denver Post said the Colorado Avalanche would pass on defenseman Seth Jones with their top overall pick, who many expected would go first overall. The Avalanche, according to the report, will instead make a decision between a number of talented forwards expected to go in the top 5.

This is potentially huge news for the Tampa Bay Lightning, assuming the Avalanche are being honest with their intentions here. Being honest for a moment, it does seem a bit odd that a team in the Avalanche’s position would be that forthcoming with what their plans are this far out from the time they are on the clock.

It is tough to imagine Yzerman and the Lightning honestly believed a scenario existed that Jones could fall to them with the third pick, but now suddenly it seems like that may be a possibility, if the Florida Panthers also take a forward with the second overall pick.  This is potentially a game changer for a team that likely was debating who to pick between a number of talented forwards.

Now, if all falls into place, the Lightning could be in position to draft the player that many were hoping would fall to them all along.