Editor’s Take: Lightning Fans Create Fire Guy Boucher Site

Recently, Lightning Coach Guy Boucher has come under fire from a certain group of fans who feel the team should be doing better.  Although he helped lead Tampa Bay to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, some feel it is already time for a change.

In a clever way of actually showing support for the coach, Lightning fans have created FireGuyBoucher.com.

When landing on the page, the site asks the question, “Fire Guy Boucher?”  This is obviously different than the majority of sites with a URL calling for the sacking of a coach.

In the site’s About Us section, it immediately states, “If you think that’s a good idea, your favorite team is probably looking for a new coach. This site is pro-Guy, in case that’s not clear after reading through for two minutes.”

The rest of FireGuyBoucher.com is dedicated to singing the coach’s praises and pointing out good things about Boucher, as well as showing support for him in the form of comments and tweets from loyal fans.

Listen, it is highly, HIGHLY unlikely Guy Boucher will be let go anytime during, or after, this season.  He is widely regarded as one of the top young hockey minds in the game, and he has already proved his system and methods can be successful in Tampa.  Lightning GM Steve Yzerman hand-picked Boucher to lead this team, and he is unlikely to change his mind after a single struggling year with a roster and organization he knows is still under construction.

Could the team improve?  Sure.  That is obvious.  But rest assured Guy Boucher is doing everything to right the ship, and eventually, the Lightning will win again under him.  In the meantime, fans, breathe and accept the process for what it is.  Let Yzerman and Boucher build this organization the right way.