Tonight on Hockey Night in Tampa Bay with Mike Corcoran and Vince Maduri , the guys discussed who the best Hockey Players in the world are.  Listen below!!

Best in the World Part 1.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/042312 Segment 1.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 04-23-12 Part 1]

Best in the World Part 2.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/042312 Segment 2.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 04-23-12 Part 2]

Best in the World Part 3.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/042312 Segment 3.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 04-23-12 Part 3]

Officiating in the Playoffs.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/042312 Segment 4.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 04-23-12 Mike Smith]

Show Wrap Up.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/042312 Segment 5.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 04-23-12 Show Wrap Up]

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