Hockey Night in Tampa Bay 02-06-12

Tonight on Hockey Night in Tampa Bay with Mike Corcoran and Vince Maduri, the guys discussed the Lightning’s current situation and how the NHL can learn from the Superbowl. Listen below!!

The Lightning are winning, but gaining no ground.

[audio:1040/hockeynight/020612 Segment 1.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 02-06-12 Gaining No Ground]

What can the NHL learn from the Superbowl?

[audio:1040/hockeynight/020612 Segment 2.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 02-06-12 NHL and the Superbowl]

What should the Lightning do by the Trade Deadline?

[audio:1040/hockeynight/020612 Segment 3.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 02-06-12 Trade Deadline]

Upcoming Games for the Lightning

[audio:1040/hockeynight/020612 Segment 4.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 02-06-12 Upcoming Games]

Show Wrap Up

[audio:1040/hockeynight/020612 Segment 5.mp3|titles=Hockey Night 02-06-12 Show Wrap Up]

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