The second period didn’t start as well as the first did for the Tampa Bay Lightning as they gave up a power play goal to Sidney Crosby as no one could block the shot from the point. G Anders Linback has really kept them in the game making some fantastic saves and flashing his mitt. The Bolts also took a slew of penalties in the second period and looked listless either from being a man down and not getting the change or from lack of energy.

What went right:

Anders Lindback: Lindback as mentioned before has looked great. He is getting to the pucks, making saves on sharp angles and flashing his glove. The only concern is that he may look to try and do too much and get out of position.

Penalty Kill: They spent most of the period killing off penalties and were able to bend not break as they only gave up one goal to the leagues best PP team.

PP: Able to tie the game and make Pittsburgh pay for their mistake and tie the game. They have had good movement so far on the PP and the fake one timer from Stamkos was impressive as it set Filppula up with a wide open net.

Needs improvements:

Penalties: The Lightning need to stay out of the penalty box, it’s taking away from their gameplan and also causing fatigue issues leading to defensive breakdowns

Turnovers: They are also turning the puck over in the worst spots possible. Turning the puck over is never good but to do so at your own blueline and let the opposition sustain pressure.

Pressure: The Lightning are still having trouble sustaining pressure in the offensive zone and are being outworked by Pittsburgh to the puck. They have to meet Pitt’s level of play and use their speed to their advantage.


Thomas Fernandez is the managing editor for Sports Talk Florida and News Talk Florida. He started his career in media by covering the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning. After covering the NHL for two years, he hopped on board the news cycle and has been covering both sports and news for the last year. He has covered major sporting events as well as politics which affects the Florida audience. Thomas is a Tampa native and graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelor of arts in Public Relations.