Bolts, Pens tied after one

It was a quick period for the Tampa Bay Lightning in their matinee performance against the Pittsburgh Penguins. So here is the recap so far.

What went right:

Goaltending: Anders Lindback has looked sharp so far in this period. Stopping point blank shots by Chris Kunitz, who is one of the NHL’s hottest scorers, and able to keep wacky deflections out of the net.

Defense: The defense has been great so far by not giving Pittsburgh’s skaters space to take shots and have helped move the puck out of the zone quickly

PK: The PK was tested early in this matchup and came through strong. Pitt had one or two chances but Tampa shut them down.

Needs improvement:

They haven’t really had anything go wrong yet, but they have missed on a lot of opportunities. The Penguins are using a young, backup goalie in net and so far he has given up a lot of rebounds that could have been hammered home. Bolts can’t pass up opportunities with a team like this.

Zone entry: The Lightning are still struggling with their zone entry with passes skipping off stick blades and a good bit of backtracking into the neutral zone.


At the end of it, the Bolts have had great poise and aren’t suffering from their back-to-back games on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.