Audio: Stamkos Isn’t Holding Grudge On Hit


Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos spoke to the media after today’s morning skate. He talked about his injury, thoughts on game 3, and his thoughts on how game 4 might go.

(Thoughts overall)

“It is what it is. We can’t dwell on it now. We realize the situation that we’re in. We just have to win one game. We get that our backs are against the wall. Pretty sure you’re gonna see a good effort from us. That’s our motto right now: win one, go back home.”

(On playing better when backs are against the wall)

“Well I mean it’s tough to replicate a situation like this during the regular season. To be honest, this is gonna be the first time we’re in a truly win or go home situation for this group. We’ll see how we respond. Give you that answer tomorrow.”

(On his injury he suffered in game 3)

“I just got tangled up with press there, slid in, obviously I don’t think anyone saw me or tried to get out of the way. It was a pretty good knee to the head. Now that I saw it, I don’t think it was of any intention or anything it was just kind of a play where it happens when know.”

He said more. . .