Audio: Jon Cooper Says Kostka “Could Be On Ice” Tonight


Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper spoke to the media about tonight’s game against the Calgary Flames.

(On Mike Kostka’s status after concussion)

“He got knocked out by the hit but if I didn’t know any better, I would say he could be on the ice tonight.”

(On telling players how to prepare for a team they don’t see too often)

“I think the one big thing is when we found out we clinched after the Montreal game, it was actually ‘Enjoy this. Enjoy what’s going on here.’ because this is a lot of work to get into this. But we have six games left and that was the message yesterday morning, was ‘Okay we have six games left. We don’t want to be in a consideration for any of those wildcard spots. We can’t sit here and say ‘Oh we made the playoffs, now we can rest.'”

(On what the Lightning have been doing well lately that they can build on)

“Yeah I think it actually started in Detroit. We played a couple of non-playoff teams before and I thought that some of those games were fortunate to pull those out. I think we got outplayed in a couple of those games and Detroit was a wake up call.”

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