Audio: Jon Cooper Pregame 4/1 vs Canadiens

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper spoke to the media before today’s game against the Montreal Canadiens.

Editor’s note: The first 30 seconds of the clip is the media messing around with Cooper–to save you some time.

(On how the Lightning prepare for the Canadiens seeing as how they matchup so well)

“Well the one thing is you’re probably looking at the premier goalie in the league in Carey Price. But they’re a dynamic team. We haven’t played them since they picked up Mike Weaver. I’m fairly certain either team can sit here and say ‘We’re not worried about this or that, we’re just worried about the playoffs’ but both of these teams know where we sit, how close we are to eachother, what can happen and what could happen here in a couple weeks. So it’ll have a different feel.”