Sidney Crosby On Eastern Conference Finals

Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby spoke with the media Friday about the Eastern Conference Finals and the Boston Bruins.

SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I mean, I think we are just excited to get started. We have practiced a lot. I think we’ve had some good practices and we’re well prepared. I think you just get excited to start the games.

Q. I guess the one advantage maybe to the long layoff is you’ve had an opportunity to get used to not having the bottom part of your visor on.
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I mean, that has not been a big adjustment. It’s been nice being able to see a little bit better. But other than that, you know, I think it’s just something that I’m sure at some point was going to happen. Glad I was able to take it off and feels a lot better without it.

Q. Do you think the Bruins might test you a little bit, maybe come up high or maybe come in?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Maybe. I mean, I’m sure whether I broke a jaw or not, I’m sure they will be pretty physical and try to finish their hits, everything you could expect in the playoffs. So I don’t think that really changes anything I don’t think.

Q. Do you feel normal without the bottom part?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, the first couple of days, it felt weird. You wear it that long and then you’ve got to wear a full face for that long, it definitely took a couple days, but it’s much better and obviously really happy that was able to get it off.

Q. Are you at all superstition, playing so well now, that if you take it off, it could change anything?
SIDNEY CROSBY: No, not that way. I’m superstitious but not to that point. I think if it’s something they felt comfortable with, and honestly, I’ve played a long time without wearing a full face, so I was glad to get it off.

Q. Seeing Jarome continuing on, do you expect any more competitive motivation for him to have a good series?
SIDNEY CROSBY: I don’t think‑‑ I think he’s pretty motivated. But if he does use that, then great. You know, I mean, whatever it takes.
But I think for him, I think he’s pre I focused at this point on making sure he plays well for other reasons besides that.

Q. Ray Shero said he didn’t know anything abouthim (inaudible) so he asked a couple players, I assume you being one of them, playing so much with him on Team Canada, what did you tell him?
SIDNEY CROSBY: I just told him what a great guy he was, what a great player he was, and he’s just a true professional. Obviously he’s been a captain for a long time, and you know, to add a guy with that type of character, that kind of experience, I think we’re pretty lucky to have him. All good things.

Q. Did he fit in better than maybe you expected? Has he had a better adjustment than maybe you guys had predicted?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, maybe. I mean, like you said, it was pretty short. It was quick. But on top of that, we added, was it four guys, pretty quickly there, within a short period of time.
I think it worked out as best as it could have and I think that says a lot about the guys and their character and obviously our team, but we did have some injuries to it at that time, which might have helped them make that transition a little easier. So, a lot of things, but definitely pretty smooth.

Source: Source: ASAP Sports