Paul Stasny: ‘US and Canada Will Be The Meaning of Intense’

Team USAFour years ago, Canada beat the US hockey team 1) for the gold medal, 2) by one goal and 3) in overtime. What more could one ask for in a classic showdown between the two hockey powerhouses in the world?

Paul Stastny figures there’s no sense in dancing around the U.S.-Canada rivalry.

“I think it will be the true meaning of intense,” Stastny told the Denver Post of Friday’s looming semifinal matchup. “You know the guys on Canada, but we don’t like them. And they don’t like us.”

Stastny, part of the U.S. team that lost to Canada four years ago, will be up against Avs teammate Matt Duchene, who draws into the Canadian lineup for the injured John Tavares.

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