Oilers’ Yakupov “Not Going Anywhere”

Yakupov_Oilers_2013On Oct. 16, the Buffalo News reported that the Edmonton Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres were talking trade and that Nail Yakupov could be the centerpiece from the Albertan side of the equation.

Three weeks to the day after that report shook up the hockey world, the Oilers finally confirmed that Yakupov wasn’t on the trading block.

From the Edmonton Journal and Cult of Hockey, Eakins said:

“I wanted to also let him know that all of these reports in the media – the people that are making up trades for him – are absolutely, 100 percent untrue. This kid is not going anywhere.”

It’s all about breaking down Yakupov like he can break down opposing defenders, when he’s on his game. And he hasn’t been since last season.

Source: Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo Sports