NHL Playoff Power Rankings: Conference Finals Predictions

#1 Pittsburgh vs. #4 Boston
(Pittsburgh in 5)

Sidney Crosby is planning to play without his face guard  for the first-time since he broke his jaw, this is a bad idea. Just show Crosby some film of Scott Stevens and Eric Lindros; if that doesn’t rattle his cage nothing will.

If the Boston Bruins continue to play physical and rough up Crosby the Penguins season could be over quickly. This series will be a battle but the Penguins should come out in top.

#1 Chicago vs. #5 Los Angeles
(Chicago in 6)

If the Chicago Blackhawks want to beat the Los Angeles Kings they need to get to Jonathan Quick in a hurry. Quick has 1.50 goals against average and a .948 save percentage. This is the same pace that Quick was on last year when he won a Stanley Cup. For the Blackhawks have any chance in this series, Corey Crawford will need to continue his outstanding play and Patrick Kane needs to step-up his game and score timely goals.

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