NHL, NHLPA Battle On Supplementary Discipline

NEW YORK — With the issue of supplementary discipline a large part of the Wednesday’s agenda, talks grew increasingly contentious between the NHL and NHL Players’ Association during Day 2 of labor negotiations.

Mathieu Schneider, special assistant to NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, wouldn’t go so far as to characterize the negotiations as “adversarial,” but he did concede that there were some tense moments between the two camps.

“At times there have been heated exchanges,” Schneider said. “There’s definitely strong opinions on both sides, especially when it comes to supplementary discipline, but I wouldn’t describe it as adversarial. Not at all.”

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly similarly downplayed the tension and described the discussions as “lively.”

“I wouldn’t characterize it as tense, I really wouldn’t,” Daly said.

“People had strongly-held views, and we heard some players in particular, how important this issue is to them. That didn’t surprise anybody at our end of the table. Actually, I thought it was a good, lively discussion. I didn’t feel tense at any point.”

Both league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan and fellow members of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety Stephane Quintal and Rob Blake were involved in Wednesday’s subcommittee meeting on supplementary discipline. Schneider declined to disclose the specific gripes the players have with the current system, but he made it clear that they’d like to see some changes.

Source: Katie Strang,ESPN New York