NHL Shortens Goaltenders’ Pads

Jason_LaBarbera_2013Vancouver– Rule changes to goaltending equipment will have an impact on the 2013-14 NHL season.

Most notably, the maximum height for goaltender’s pads has been reduced by an average of 2 inches, meaning many goalies will have to alter to some degree the way they play the game.

How much of an impact, and for how long, is a big question heading into this season. The answer varies from goalie to goalie, depending on the amount of pad height lost and style of play.

Edmonton Oilers goalie Jason LaBarbera said he was a bit shocked when he saw his shorter pads for the first time.

“My buddies who play rec league said they look like street hockey pads,” LaBarbera told NHL.com on the eve of training camp.

“I was blown away,” LaBarbera said. “When I put them beside my old pads, I was like, ‘This is crazy.’ Then when I started wearing them I was like, ‘This is nuts.’ It was insane how much different it was. I think it will have an impact early, big time.”

Source: Kevin Woodley, NHL