John Tortorella Opposed To Players Tweeting

Tortorella_2013Earlier this week, Tortorella sat down with Sportsnet’s James Cybulski, and the topic of social media came up. Never one to mince words, Tortorella was his usual candid self: Twitter’s not for him. He finds it narcissistic and stupid.

Cybulski asked if he was opposed to his players tweeting.

“During the season, yeah, I am,” Torts responded.

If you’ve been following the Canucks’ increasing presence and proficiency on Twitter, you can understand why this was cause for concern. On the ice, the Canucks may have fallen off in recent years, but when it comes to Twitter, they’re on top of the hockey world.

But now John Tortorella threatens the Twitter paradise that has sprung up in Vancouver. The sandwich tweets are done for sure. He spoke out against those specifically.

“I think [Twitter] is stupid,” he told a concerned local media Thursday. “It’s tremendous for charity work, and our dog walk in New York raised a ton of money. But not for: ‘Here I am having a roast beef sandwich and saying hello to my fans.’ That’s just ridiculous.”

He may hate it, but John Tortorella isn’t going to ban his players from tweeting outright. That wouldn’t be in keeping with the kinder, gentler Torts, the one that lost the room in New York and is attempting to soften his approach, so as to prevent the same thing from happening in Vancouver.

“I’m not going to handcuff them and treat them like little kids,” Tortorella said. But so help any Canuck who crosses the line.

“There’d better be no information come out of the locker room with that damn Twitter. It’s nothing but trouble to me. But I also respect that social media and all that stuff is part of it and I need to respect that and I’m going to try.”

Source: Yahoo Sports