Does Stamkos’ Injury Effect Team Canada?

Stamkos_Lightning_2013Steven Stamkos was considered a shoo-in to make the Canadian Olympic team, but now he’s out indefinitely with a broken tibia and he’s scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday.

The men’s hockey tournament at the 2014 Sochi Olympics are scheduled to begin exactly three months from the time Stamkos goes onto the operating table.

“Not good,” Mike Babcock, the head coach for Canada’s Olympic team, told

Nicholson, though, wouldn’t rule out naming Stamkos to the Olympic team with the possibility that he might be able to return in time.

Nicholson said there is an injury clause in the Olympic agreement that allows teams to replace injured players on the roster before the Olympics, but he wasn’t sure if Stamkos would fall under that because the injury occurred before the roster is named.

Source: Dan Rosen,