Craig Berube on Flyers Playing at Home: ‘We Can’t Force Anything’

FlyersThe Philadelphia Flyers are going home for the next two games to play in front of their boisterous and passionate fans, which can get nerve-racking at times.

One issue that has confronted the Flyers during the 2013-14 NHL campaign is their power play ratio on the road compared to that at home.

How can the Flyers have such a good power play on the road (25.2 percent during the regular season), but when they get the man advantage at home they’re so ineffective (15.1 percent)?

Team captain Claude Giroux has said this many times about the power play, “We have to be patient,” Giroux said. “We forget to stick with what we do. We’re a patient power play and we wait for opportunities. We can’t rush it. We need to go back and play our power play.”

Added coach Craig Berube: “When you are at home, there is more pressure to perform with fans and all. We’ve got to make sure we are being simple first of all and not forcing things.”

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