Poll: Do You Care If The NHL Comes Back?

The NHL and the players association have met several times this week and it actually looks like they are making progress, but do you care?

The state of Florida has two hockey teams; the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers. The Lightning have had very good attendance records in the past but are the Lightning a mainstream Florida team? Have the Miami Heat melted the ice for the Panthers? Here is your chance to voice your opinion.
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Any talking is a good thing.

That should be the only thing to take from the NHL and NHLPA talks as the marathon sessions continue Friday. With both sides sitting across the table from each other for the better part of a week, the hope is that there will be progress on some of the issues that have gotten us to this point in the lockout.

The NHLPA reportedly made two offers to the NHL on Wednesday, which the league responded to today in an undisclosed way. With very little being known about the status of these talks, the only positive one look for is that the two sides agree to return to the table, which is the case as they will get back to negotiating Friday.

“Collective bargaining is a process,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told the assembled media in New York Thursday evening. “It has peaks and valleys and ebbs and flows and it is very tough to handicap.”

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