Panthers’ Dineen Knows He’s Being Evaluated

Source: David Neal, Miami Herald

Panthers_Kevin_Dineen_2013Kevin Dineen chuckled when asked about a post-loss meeting Tuesday after which Panthers general manager Dale Tallon told The Herald Dineen’s coaching job was safe for now.

Dineen didn’t just come in off the prairie.

The Panthers have one win in their last 10 games and that came via the shootout against Minnesota. The franchise also has new owners. Minority owner Doug Cifu was in the Tuesday postgame meeting with Tallon, hockey operations director Mike Dixon and assistant general manager Mike Santos.

“The truth of the matter is we have new ownership here,” Dineen said. “When you’re spending whatever the figure is on something and you’re in a personnel based business, you’re evaluating everything on every single day at every level. Whether it’s management side, the players’ side, the coaches’ side. Those meetings are happening every day right now.”