Will Bucs’ McCown Be Replaced?

Josh McCown

With the NFL Draft only weeks away, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are deciding on who they want to draft. Quarterback Josh McCown was brought in by the team to be the starter but according to Pro Football Talk, he knows that he could be replaced by a younger guy.

Supposedly, McCown understands that a young player could get drafted and swoop in and take his spot. But, he seems fine with that.

McCown told the Tampa Bay Times that when he’s met the QBs that come to Tampa, they seem like great guys.

They all seem like nice kids. They look so young. It was cool to say hello to them; just briefly with Johnny [Manziel] and Teddy [Bridgewater] and Jimmy [Garoppolo]. Just, ‘Hey. How’s it going?’ and wish them well. It’s funny, you look at them, and you think back a few years and remember how fast it can go.”

McCown seems ready to embrace the role of being a mentor to whoever gets drafted, whether they take his spot or not.

Another player younger than McCown is already on the team and he’s willing to fight for the starting gig. Mike Glennon is reported to be shadowing and learning under McCown, while he tries to compete for the job.

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