Vincent Jackson Looking To Succeed In Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Vincent Jackson’s challenge with the Buccaneers seems formidable.

After signing a five-year deal worth more than $55 million, the 29-year-old Jackson comes in as Tampa Bay’s No. 1 receiver — a role that has not been played with much success.

The Bucs (No. 26 in the AP Pro32) have brought in many veteran receivers to be their top guy — Alvin Harper, Keyshawn Johnson, Joey Galloway and Antonio Bryant among them — and only Galloway had more than one good season.

None of those receivers caught as many as 300 passes for the Bucs, while every other NFL franchise except Chicago and Baltimore has at least one receiver with 500 catches or more.

It would take only 65 catches a year for Jackson to overtake Mark Carrier, the Bucs’ all-time leading wide receiver, in five years — not that Jackson seems all that interested.

Source: AP