Tuck: Indianapolis Colts Should Claim QB Kyle Orton

The Colts may actually become the worst team in NFL history this season.  It can still be avoided though.

The Colts owe it to their fan base to put a respectable product on the field in 2011.  It might be too late for that, but it’s not to late to correct a wrong.  The quarterback play is just plain wrong.  Curtis Painter is 0-10 lifetime as a starter.  Dan Orlovsky, his backup, is 0-7.  0-17.  Seriously.

Indy isn’t just 0-10.  They are being outscored by almost 17 points a game.  They’ve been outscored 300-131.

The 1976, 0-14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were outscored 412-125 that year.  That’s an average defeat of 29-9.

The 2008, 0-16 Detroit Lions were outscored 517-268 that season.  That’s an average defeat of 32-17.

It would cost Indy $1.32 million to pick up Orton, who is such a clear and obvious upgrade at quarterback it isn’t even debatable.  Forget about sucking for Luck.  They’ve done that enough.  In fact, even with Orton, it could be difficult to climb out of the top spot in the draft.  But the point of playing the games is to win the games.  Perhaps even more importantly is to respect the game and play with pride.  If the Colts don’t make an obvious and easy roster upgrade, then they are insulting their fans.

The fans that spend their hard-earned money to attend games deserve more effort by both the players and the franchise.