Start of the Fall of Josh Freeman?

Josh_Freeman_2013TAMPA, Fla. — If you look at what happened Sunday and then look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ upcoming schedule, it’s not hard to imagine an imperfect storm for quarterback Josh Freeman.

The Bucs and Freeman were nothing short of horrible in Sunday’s 18-17 loss to the New York Jets. Let’s say the results are similar in Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints and Week 3 at New England.

That could put the Bucs at 0-3 and that’s not hard to imagine because the Saints and Patriots are good teams. Let’s say for the moment that negative momentum continues to snowball and the Bucs then lose to Arizona to fall to 0-4.

If all that happens (and we’re only being hypothetical here) that’s when things could get really testy for Freeman. The Bucs have a bye in Week 5 and host Philadelphia in Week 6.

When a team starts off badly, one of the first things that often happens is a change at quarterback. And it often happens coming off the bye week, so the new guy can get some work with the first team.

Source: ESPN