Schiano: 99.9 Percent Of Bucs Plays Permissible

Bucs coach Greg Schiano took exception Wednesday with the perception that the Bucs’ off-season practices involve too much physical contact in violation of NFL rules.

The controversy stems from a physical altercation last week between Illinois rookie defensive tackle Akeem Spence and center Jeremy Zuttah, who played for Schiano at Rutgers.

On the first team drill of the first OTA practice, Spence and Zuttah had to be separated. Despite league rules that prohibit excessive physical contact between players during off-season practices, there were a few more instances where players were pushed to the ground. The incidents were referenced in a report by Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Schiano claimed that his coaching staff teaches the proper techniques for non-contact practices and believes what the Bucs do is permissible.

“You’re right, guys are chomping at the bit because this is what they do for a living,” Schiano said. “But there are very clear expectations and rules presented by the league. We get a training video and then we also at our league meetings get to watch permissible versus impermissable play. I’m very confident that our practice tempo is 99.9 percent the plays are permissible. We had one that got kind of fanfare or whatever you want to call it in a young guy mixed up with Jeremy Zuttah, and you know, Jeremy educated him, maybe not the right way, like you don’t do that. But we spent a lot of time about keeping your head gear, keeping your shoulders out of it. So we’re playing 11-on-11 football but you use your hands and you use your feet and what we try to do is stay on edges and work with our hands and feet and then everything is tag tempo, so we tag off on ballcarriers.”

Source: Rick Stroud,