Raiders: Best Fit For Revis Trade

Bucs CB Darrelle Revis

The Oakland Raiders may be the only team that truly pursues Darrelle Revis, and, frankly, it makes more sense for them to do so than pretty much anyone in the NFL. For several reasons.

First of all, they are way short on talent, haven’t competed in years, could use a top corner to mentor raw first-round pick DJ Hayden and, well, did I mention they were the Raiders?

As much as they would love to cherry pick some top talent in free agency, let’s face it, agents view the place as a black hole and it is very, very difficult to lure elite free agents there (recall, they traded for Richard Seymour and Carson Palmer and gave up quite a bit to get them). Even if Revis is cut, he will most likely go to Oakland.

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