NFL Network gang talks Bucs Josh Freeman

NFL Network's Thursday Night Football debuts this week. The Jets at the Pats.
NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football debuts this week. The Jets at the Pats.

The NFL Network celebrates their 10th Anniversary this year and it is the seventh season that they have broadcast the Thursday Night Game of the Week. Season seven gets underway this coming Thursday with a fun AFC East battle between the Jets and the Patriots live at 8 p.m. from Foxboro, Mass.

I had a chance to chat with their Thursday Night Football broadcast team of Brad Nessler and color analyst Mike Mayock. The two were kind enough to give their thoughts on one of the key issues being talked about in Bucs Nation.

JW: Is Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman a true Franchise QB?

Nessler: I watched that game yesterday, and every time you see him do something wow, that’s really good, it seems like he does something four plays later where you go, wow, that was really bad.

Watching that game yesterday, and I kept thinking, coming about a being to that same thing, the physical tools that he has, it seems like it should be clicking in consistently for the most part to always make the right choice and I don’t see that right now yet.  That’s just my observation from watching the game or a good part of it yesterday is that I don’t see that he has progressed that far.

I think last year he regressed and the year before that was good, but not consistent, I don’t think.

Mayock:  And I would echo that, Brad.  He’s in his fifth year, same as Mark Sanchez.  Fifth year, first round quarterbacks, they have had enough reps now where you would expect them, that if they were going to be that guy, that franchise guy, you would expect that they would have stepped forward by now.  He does a lot of things well, but the inconsistencies kill me, and I think there’s a reason they drafted Mike Glennon in the third round.