NFL: 14 Head Coaches On The Hot Seat


If there are 14 NFL coaches on the hot seat, that means there is a lot bad football being played this season.

Houston Texans – From the playoffs last year to the number one pick in the draft this year. Gary Kubiak is gone, Wade Phillips is just a placeholder.

Washington Redskins – Mike Shanahan is another coach to go from playoffs to a battle for the number one pick. The only problem is the Redskins traded that pick away for Robert Griffin III. The owner of the team and the quarterback don’t like you, your days are numbered Mike.

New York Giants – Tom Coughlin, your quarterback can’t complete a pass and his contract is dragging you down. Pack your bags because Eli Manning is not getting the boot.

Minnesota Vikings – Leslie Frazier could never find a quarterback and now he will be looking for a job.

Dallas Cowboys – Jason Garrett, your owner didn’t give you a $100 million contract, it went to your bad QB. Your only hope is that no one wants to work for Jerry Jones.

New York Jets – Rex Ryan you almost pulled it off but Geno Smith shattered your smoke and mirrors.

Tampa Buccaneers – Greg Schiano, will all the chaos save your job? It shouldn’t.

Oakland Raider – Don’t the Raiders fire a coach every year?

Detroit Lions – This was your year to make a playoff run, the Bears have no defense, the Packers lost their quarterback but for some reason Matt Stafford loves to throw the ball side-arm. QBs don’t get fired, coaches do.

Atlanta Falcons – Injuries killed your season but Matt Ryan’s play is scarier. Mike Smith you may not be the man to get the birds to the promiseland.

Buffalo Bills – A good defense with a very bad offense. Doug Marrone may have one more year because it’s Buffalo.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin will need to win out to ease Steeler fans. Costing your team draft picks may cost you your job.

Cleveland Brown – The last Browns coach to have a winning record was Marty Schottenheimer (1984-1988). After that coaches get fired on average every 2.5 years.

St. Louis Rams – That number draft pick in 2014 and your tough division will save Jeff Fisher. If you miss on a QB in the draft Fisher will not be in St. Louis for the 2015 season.