Mariotti Show: Wednesday September 25th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 25, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 25, 2013:
Jay says the Tampa Bay Buccaneers let the Josh Freeman project drag on too long in an immediate-gratification league — four years — and now are paying for their patience, benching a young QB who now can be labeled a bust. Freeman has the physical traits, Jay says, but lacked the work ethic and commitment. The Bucs, the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise, are wasting layers of good, high-priced talent because they haven’t firmed up the QB position. They should trade Freeman before the deadline and at least get a low draft pick for him. There’s no guarantee rookie Mike Glennon is the answer, and there’s no guarantee they’ll position themselves for the QB they might want in the April draft, especially with so many other teams needing QBs. Jay applauds the NFLPA for investigating the Oakland Raiders’ decision to let Terrell Pryor to keep playing Monday night, after his helmet-to-helmet concussion, when he should have been given a sideline concussion test on the spot. Jay lauds ESPN’s Ray Lewis for taking on his former team, the Ravens, with criticism about a lack of leadership; would Jacoby Jones still have been on the party bus with hookers if Ray was still around? Jay says an early theme is developing in the league this season — young QBs struggling — and says Robert Griffin III will be a shadow of his former self until his injured knee improves and allows him to be a running threat again, assuming that ever happens. Colin Kaepernick is a mess, too, struggling to find open receivers after a brilliant Week 1 passing show. The 49ers have too many problems, including Aldon Smith in alcohol rehab, to win in St. Louis on Thursday night.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 25, 2013:

Jay says he talks about quarterbacks endlessly because they’re so essential to the function of the entire operation, the most important position in team sports. He says Freeman should have learned from the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady about the value of game preparation, film study and maximizing your weapons. Jay says it’s time to ease up on Penn State, which has dealt with staggering penalties and shame from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and applauds the NCAA for restoring scholarships incrementally. He also thinks this involves politics — Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany pushed hard for it — because the NCAA never has been weaker as a governing body and in a more vulnerable state. Between the soft punishment for Johnny Manziel in his pay-for-performance scandal and the Penn State decision, Jay wonders how involved the NCAA will be in college football rules enforcement moving forward, with ESPN pretty much owning and operating the sport starting next season. Jay resets the Freeman topic and blames the local media for not applying pressure on the organization earlier and allowing him too much rope on which to choke.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 25, 2013:

Not all is gloom and doom in Tampa Bay. Joe Maddon and the Rays are bee-lining toward the playoffs — in their own trademark, high-efficiency, low-payroll way — and the New York Times salutes them by comparing their front-office smarts to the broken-down, throw-money-everywhere model of the Yankees, who won’t make the playoffs and are at an organizational crossroads. Jay says the Rays can help themselves by clinching the wild-card berth early, catching a breather and setting up their postseason rotation. Jay expects that opponent to be the Indians, and, sure, having home-field advantage in Tropicana Field would be nice. Jay says nothing is more heartbreaking than a pitcher who loses a no-hitter with two out in the ninth inning, and Michael Wacha’s near-miss was especially excruicating Tuesday night for the Cardinals. Jay interviews NBC Sports Radio’s Amani Toomer about Freeman, the demise of his former team (the Giants) and Kaepernick, whom Toomer says has a long way to go to be an elite NFL quarterback. Jay is shocked to be talking about the historic comeback of the U.S. yacht in the America’s Cup, and scolds President Obama for playing too much golf and wearing his sports fandom on his presidential sleeve.

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