Mariotti Show: Tuesday October 1st

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 1, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 1, 2013:
Jay sounds off on the never-ending Josh Freeman circus, scolding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for media leaks about Freeman’s participation in the NFL’s drug program for the last year and a half. Whether Freeman indeed has an Adderall prescription for ADHD or is one of many athletes in this day and age who use Adderall for recreational purposes, the Bucs should not be leaking that information to sabotage Freeman. Nor, Jay says, should they expect great quarterbacking play from a quarterback if he does happen to have ADHD. All of this makes the organization appear to be more interested in beating Freeman than its competition on Sundays, which may explain why they’re 0-4. It also damages any chance of trading him. All in all, Jay says he’s rarely seen a pro sports franchise this dysfunctional, and not only thinks coach Greg Schiano has completely lost control and is on his way out but wonders about the stability of the Glazer family that owns the team. Jay says not all is lost in Tampa Bay, with the Rays winning a gripping single-elimination game behind their two stars, David Price and Evan Longoria, and the Joe Maddon-spread philosophy that you don’t worry about b.s., such as Texas being allowed to use Biogenesis-scandal bum Nelson Cruz and a bad umpiring call. If the Rays beat Cleveland, they are positioned to have Matt Moore and Price pitch the first two games in Boston. Jay is excited about the Pirates, his hometown team, and says they’re driven by the inspiration of manager Clint Hurdle. There is more pressure on the Reds and their manager, Dusty Baker, to win after their playoff collapse last year. It’s great to see postseason baseball in places like Pittsburgh and Cleveland that aren’t associated with baseball glory, at least recently.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 1, 2013:

Jay resets the Freeman story and says the Adderall angle provides even more evidence that they gave a project too much rope — four years — at the most important, immediate-gratification position in team sports. Jay says Schiano and Mark Dominik failed in not having a more legitimate backup in waiting, given Freeman’s numerous issues. The Bucs are the laughingstock of the league, and the Glazers had better lawyer-up if Lawrence Tynes sues them for contracting a staph infection at their training facility and Freeman sues them for leaks. Jay turns to baseball, where he likes the Dodgers over the Braves because of Clayton Kershaw and their rotation and wonders why the Braves are so tense, with coach Terry Pendleton shoving Chris Johnson in the dugout. He still loves the idea of a A’s-Rays Low-Payroll ALCS, and wonders if Miguel Cabrera is healthy enough to help Detroit get past Oakland. He also hopes there isn’t another sewage disruption in the Oakland ballpark, and says it’s repulsive that fans paying top dollar to sit by a dugout would have to deal with that. Jay marvels at Oakland and Tampa Bay in the wake of the Yankees missing the playoffs for the second time in 19 years, even after spending $236 million this season and having to pay a $29.1 million luxury tax. Jay says Hal Steinbrenner has to decide what the Yankees want to be, and we’ll get a good indication when Joe Girardi decides this week if he wants to continue managing, take a temporary broadcasting job with Fox or perhaps consider managing the Cubs, though he doesn’t want to uproot his family. Jay suggests the Yankees don’t pay $305 million to Robinson Cano and says they should divide that money in chunks to buy several free agents, as the Red Sox did last winter to re-vault into World Series contention. The Yankees are charging insane ticket prices and need to contend and have certain big-money players; Cano is a great hitter, but doesn’t have the charisma to be considered a Broadway player. Jay-Z is driving the price as his agent, and he tells Vanity Fair that his days as a drug-dealer will help his career as a sports agent, which Jay laughs at. Jay likes the Pirates tonight because of the ballpark atmosphere and Francisco Liriano on the mound.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 1, 2013:

LeBron James repeats that he wants to be the greatest player of all time, and Jay wishes he would stop that mess. When LeBron bogged down, played poorly in the clutch and lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 Finals, he blew any shot of one-upping Michael Jordan, who can flash the 666 sign in his effective defense: 6 NBA Finals, 6 NBA championships, 6 NBA FInals MVP awards. Jordan is in the news because he said he’d beat LeBron and anyone else in 1-on-1 in his prime — except Kobe Bryant, whom Jordan says has stolen his moves. Jay says the Monday night football game proved two things: that New Orleans, with its rebuilt defense and home advantage, has emerged as the one NFC team that possibly can challenge Seattle; and that we can stop the hype about Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins. Jay says the government shutdown will affect service-academy games, which is another sad commentary about our government. Jay breaks down NFL and college football stories and promises the Pirates-Reds game will be special, as will an entire month of October that rarely lets us down for baseball drama.

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