Johnthan Banks Had A Rough Week

Source: Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune

Bucs_Jonathan_Banks_2013TAMPA — It was a difficult week for Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie CB Johnthan Banks, on and off the field.

Banks was diagnosed with a MRSA staph infection after Tampa Bay players returned from the bye week, but he was given the go-ahead to play Sunday against the Eagles.

The NFL announced Saturday night that Banks was cleared.

“We were not part of the decision-making process,” Bucs general manager Mark Dominik said Sunday. “It was the NFL, the NFL Players Association and a third party, DICON (Duke Infection Control Outreach Network), which evaluated him two days in a row and determined that with antibiotics and the way that everything looked, they cleared him to play. I’m sure the league and the NFLPA wouldn’t have put him on the field if they were concerned.”