Jets Rex Ryan On The Return Of Revis

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan spoke to the media Wednesday about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming to town and the return of former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

(On expectations for quarterback Geno Smith)
“We’re excited about Geno getting his first start. It’s going to be a big day for him. I think the guys are going to rally around him, but he just has to go out and lean on his teammates. He can’t just think he’s going to go out there and do something Herculean. He’s just got to play football. The thing I’ve really been impressed with is his preparation; I think it’s been outstanding. And then it looks like his ankle’s getting better; he’s able to drive the football better than he did against the Giants, so he should be healthy.”

(On what former New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis brings to Tampa Bay)
“They can probably answer that question for you, but it’s easy. Obviously Darrelle was the premier corner in football – a physical player that shows up every day to compete. He’s an excellent teammate. He’s just tougher than heck. It was a joy to coach him, I can tell you that much. Like I say, he’s a great teammate. He probably leads a little differently; he’s not as vocal, but every single teammate will recognize what he does. He doesn’t let you catch a ball in walkthroughs; he is a tremendous competitor and obviously one of the rare guys that you coach.”

(On game-planning for Revis)
“That’s interesting the way you put it, ‘How do you defend against him?’ It should be ‘How do you attack him?’ But you’re right, it’s probably more about how you defend against him. Certainly you have to look at him different than you look at any other corner. He had a tendency to, we used to call it, boomerang him, and we had some ‘Revis rules’ that you don’t break. That’s something that – he’s rare. Like I say, a guy like him comes around once every 15, 20 years, if that. He really is a special player.”

(On ‘Revis rules’)
“Revis rule is you better not throw it from the far hash outside the numbers, because he’ll pick it. That’s one of them. There’s several of them. And Tampa will learn that about him; the opponents will learn that about him.”

(On if recent criticism comes with the territory)
“Yeah, we had a bad year last year, obviously, so that comes with it. It’s going to be hard – more criticism and all that stuff – but let me tell you how much it’s bothered this football team: not one bit. We get to play now, and it’s a brand new season, like it is for every team in the league, so we’re excited about it.”

(On the impact a head coach can have on a football team)
“I think you’ll have an impact, there’s no question. You have an impact on your team; you have an impact on how they practice, how they compete. Those are things that you do. And the mentality – we were a tough-ass football team, and this team’s got resolve, always has. I think, as a coach, you maybe have a little bit [of] say in that. This is a tough-minded football team and one that – we understand we get criticized and all that stuff, but we move on from it.”

(On the importance of players staying focused in the face of criticism)
“You just have to move on, there’s no question about that, it comes with the territory. If you’re a quarterback or you’re a coach in this league, a head coach in this league, you’re going to be open for criticism and that just comes with it. You kind of earn your money that way.”

(On the New York Jets offensive line)
“We feel good about the team. I think it starts up front. You have to be able to run the football in this league and you got to be able to protect the quarterback and our offensive line – I’m very proud of our offensive line. I think we have two of the finer players in the league in [tackle] D’Brickashaw Ferguson and [center] Nick Mangold in their respective positions. And then we have two really big offensive – some guards, Willie Colon and Vladimir Ducasse, and then Austin Howard is a young ascending player. [He’s] a giant of a man, about 6-9, 350 pounds, so we like our offensive line.”

(On how he has changed as a coach)
“Well, again, I think it comes with experience. I certainly am the same guy – as confident as I’ve ever been – but with that being said I don’t make the guarantees or anything else anymore because basically it was the fact that it was more pressure on the team and I certainly didn’t want to put it on the team. I was going to put it on my shoulders knowing that if we don’t produce it would all come down on me; which certainly it has, but not all of it came down on me. It came down on our players as well, so I certainly didn’t want to do that. I want our players to play fast, free, focused and that’s how I want them to play.”

(On the Tampa Bay defense)
“Well, the guys that they added; [safety] Dashon [Goldson] is obviously the premier safety in this game now. [He] has the ability to play man coverage, zone coverage, you name it. [Safety] Mark Barron’s an outstanding player. We thought the world of him when he came out of Alabama. But they’re very active. [Defensive tackle] [Gerald] McCoy’s a great player on defense, and then I like the way they’re active with their linebackers. The kid, [linebacker Lavonte] David, from Nebraska is – he flies around, makes a lot of plays. So it’s just a fast-flowing group. They really get after it. They get after the running game in particular; obviously lead the league last year in run defense, so very active up front.”

(On the Tampa Bay offense)
“Well obviously, you got the two giant receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. Those two guys really compete for the football. Big guys. Vincent Jackson averaged over 19 yards a catch, leading the league by almost two yards over the next guy, so, big talented, big-play guys that we have to do a great job against. Obviously, [running back] Doug Martin, when you look at a guy with 1,900 yards coming in as a rookie, and has 1,900 yards from scrimmage, that’s all you need to know. Big, strong – he’s not the tallest, but, man, he’s 220 pounds, 225 pounds, runs hard, complete back. So, obviously there’s no picnic right there going against that young man.”

(On how he thinks Revis will be greeted by New York Jets fans)
“I think certainly Jets fans respect the contributions that [Revis] made our football team there’s no question about that. I know how much they respect and admire him. But, hey, he’s in enemy colors now. So it will be interesting.”

Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers