Jenna Laine Breaks Down Bucs-Panthers with Tuck and O’Neill

Bucs Night Practice Greg Schiano

This afternoon I joined Mike Tuck and Jerry O’Neill on Sports Talk 1080 in Orlando to break down tonight’s Bucs-Panthers matchup and to discuss the increasing tension surrounding head coach Greg Schiano, not just from fans but players inside the building.

We discussed a story on by Mike Silver where a player told him that Schiano berated an assistants on the field in front of the team, threatening to fire him, along with another player likening Schiano to a dictator. I talked about my own experiences covering the team and if I’ve heard similar stories.

Now the Glazers have never fired a head coach mid-season, but what would it take for it to actually happen? For answers to that, as well as some perspective on Schiano’s situation with the team, you can listen below: