How The Bucs Get To 10-Wins This Season

The 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season gets underway this Sunday against the New York Jets. Everyone expects the Bucs to beat the Jets and start the season 1-0, but the bigger question is how many more wins do the Bucs have in them this season.

Ten wins is the bench market for a good NFL season and a possible playoff berth. If the Bucs are able to get 10-wins, this is how the season for unfold.

Week 1 at the New York Jets
The Jets are just a bad organization, the Bucs go 1-0.

Week 2 at home against the New Orleans Saints
This a long-shot but if the Bucs want 10-wins they need to win this game at home, the Bucs go 2-0

Week 3 at the New England Patriots
Tom Brady would have to get hurt for the Bucs to win, the Bucs lose and go 2-1.

Week 4 at home against the Arizona Cardinals
Carson Palmer is no Tom Brady, in a shootout the Bucs win and go 3-1 into the bye week.

Week 5 – BYE

Week 6 at home against the Philadelphia Eagles
This is a another game that could go either way. This is a must win game. Bucs go 4-1 (National media will go crazy at this point.)

Week 7 at the Atlanta Falcon
The Bucs will comeback down to earth in this game. Bucs lose go 4-2.

Week 8 Thursday night at home against the Carolina Panthers
Bucs fans will come out in force and Bucs will dominate the Panthers, Bucs win and go 5-2.

Week 9 at the Seattle Seahawks
The Bucs shouldn’t even get off the plane. Bucs get destroyed in Seattle, Bucs lose and go 5-3.

Week 10 Monday night at home against the Miami Dolphins
There will be more fights in the stand then in the game, Bucs win and go 6-3.

Week 11 at home against the Atlanta Falcons
That Monday night win felt so long ago, Bucs lose and go 6-4.

Week 12 at the Detroit Lions
The Lions are improved but they are still the Lions. Bucs right the ship and go 7-4.

Week 13 at the Carolina Panthers
If you want to get to 10-wins the Bucs need to sweep the Panthers, Bucs go 8-4.

Week14 at home against the Buffalo Bills
Before the game the Bills will hold open tryouts for their starting QB. The Bucs put together a three-game winning streak and go 9-4.

Week 15 at home against the San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers come to Tampa and destroy all our hopes and dreams, Bucs lose and go 9-5.

Week 16 at the St. Louis Rams
The best way to recover from a loss is with a “W,” Bucs go to 10-5.

Week 17 at the New Orleans Saints
In a hard-fought game the Bucs go down swing and end the season at 10-6.

This would be an epic and Cinderella like season but the NFL is a dream crusher.

In reality the Bucs have a really tough schedule and I see them finishing the season at 8-8 or 7-9.