Gun Charges Against Da’Quan Bowers Reduced

Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers dodged a bullet Thursday.

That’s something Plaxico Burress wasn’t able to do, and the difference was shown in their sentences.

Bowers paid a $250 fine and a $120 surcharge, and had his felony second-degree possession of a weapon charges reduced to disorderly conduct, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today.

The initial charge was the same as Burress faced in New York, and the then-Giants wide receiver served nearly two years in prison.

Bowers was arrested in February, when he told LaGuardia Airport employees he had a gun in his luggage while checking in for a flight.

“[Da’Quan is] very happy, and honestly the Queens County District Attorney’s office investigated the case thoroughly and he was honest when he had the gun,” attorney Dennis Coppin said. “He turned it over to the first gate agent he saw. He did the right thing, and they did the right thing in their investigation.”

“Sometimes with these cases, you have to use common sense. Obviously, a lot of people are anti-guns or what not, but you just can’t have a blanket rule that applies to [all cases].”

The disorderly conduct charge carries no jail time or probation, meaning he won’t miss any football activities this offseason because of it.

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