Freeman Playing His Way Out Of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh FreemanThe quarterback says he does not want to be traded, no matter what you may read on the Internet. Why, Josh Freeman is a Buc, and if you take him at his word, he is tickled pewter to be one.

The head coach says any talk of a trade is news to him. Coach Greg Schiano says there have been no discussions about a trade. For that matter, he anticipates that Freeman will start at quarterback the next game, too.

Ah, yes. Nasty things, these headlines.

The fact is, there is only one thing to lead you to believe those wicked rumors that Freeman may be trying to get traded:

His play.

This is how a guy plays his way out of town. For most of Sunday’s 16-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints, Freeman sputtered. He played as if his destination was not the end zone, and if it was, it wasn’t this end zone.

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