Evan Dietrich-Smith: Questioning Josh McCown is “Ludicrous”

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Jacksonville Jaguars last Friday, the first-team offense struggled against a strong Jaguars front-seven. Quarterback Josh McCown threw a pick-6, managing to complete 2 of 4 passing attempts for 20 yards. He was sacked twice. Starting center Evan Dietrich-Smith was asked what he thought of fans who were questioning if McCown was the one to lead this offense.

“To sit there and say that this guy all of a sudden can’t do his job I think is a little out of control and a little ludicrous. But, for me, I have complete and utter trust in the guy,” said Dietrich-Smith, who described McCown as ‘relaxed’ in the huddle and prepared. “It was kind of the same thing I saw with Aaron [Rodgers]. The guy gets in the huddle, you can see it in [his] eyes.”

Dietrich-Smith, who spent four seasons in Green Bay playing with Rodgers, praised McCown’s leadership and said that the offensive line played a huge role in the offense’s performance as a whole.

“Josh is a great leader. The guy’s been around the league for a long time. The guy’s been around the league for a long time for a reason, because the guy can play football. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a savy guy. He knows where he’s going with the ball. What happened out there was a big part of us as a front not giving him time to work that. We had some positive plays that were negated by penalties on our part. That hurt us and we weren’t able to stay on schedule…”