Donald Penn Slams Buccaneers Blog On Twitter

Mark Cook of explained in a catch-all column that Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn “has failed to meet most of the weight clauses in his most recent contract.”

Penn didn’t like that very much.

In a tweet directed at our NBC Sports Pro Football Talk, Penn declares that he’s “330 right now in the best shape I been in in a long time stop reporting bullshit I made all my weigh in last yr n this yr.”

He later added: “I still shut down the best DEs in the game n ball out every Sunday I gave up 4 sacks all yr last season get yo shit right.”

Penn then apparently realized that the information come from Pro Football Talk but from Pewter Report, so he directed this to their Twitter account: “keep reporting bullshit on me n see the next time I do a interview wit u yo shit is lies get the facts 1st Cook b4 u say shit.”

Source: Mike Florio, NBC Sports Pro Football Talk