Donald Penn Scores a TD on the Opening Drive Against the Dolphins

So it wasn’t exactly Warren Sapp’s the ‘Y-Hurricane,’ nor was it the three-technique that caught the ball, but left tackle Donald Penn lined up as an eligible receiver and caught a 1-yard touchdown on the opening drive against the Miami Dolphins, a play that looked eerily similar to when Warren Sapp lined up as a tight end in Jon Gruden’s offense and scored a few touchdowns during that magical Super Bowl season in 2002.

At the end of the first quarter, a beaming Gruden was shown on the jumbotron from the ESPN broadcast booth waiving a No. 99 jersey. It was his idea to line Sapp up on offense and one would have to think it touched a special place in his heart seeing a big-man touchdown light up the scoreboard.

You can view the video here, courtesy of Deadspin’s Timothy Burke