Bucs Training Camp: News And Notes

Here is a recap of Friday’s training camp at One Buc Place.

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Buccaneers Training Camp Quotes: Friday, July 26, 2013
(On the defense getting their hands on the ball as much as possible)

“That was encouraging to see from a defensive standpoint; the guys made some plays. As the head coach, then you sit back and say, ‘Well, that’s not good, because that was our offense that just gave it to them, right?’ I look at practice like this: as long as it’s a back and forth – I don’t want one side to dominate the other, because that’s not going to be a good thing for any of us – but as long as it’s back and forth, and that’s what it was today. I thought it was a good back and forth.”

(On defensive tackle Gerald McCoy’s maturity)

“Well the time I’ve been with him, he’s been physically mature, but he did change his composition a little bit and his weight, and I think it all lends to just the focus and how hard he’s worked to get ready for this season. He and I have talked throughout the offseason, when he wasn’t here and when he was here, and this guy, he’s really focused.”

(On if cornerback Darrelle Revis did more in practice today than yesterday)

“Maybe a little bit more, but no, we’re not trying to. We kind of switched format a little bit, we were doing some different things with teach periods where you were just going half speed, and we wanted him to get all that, so it’s against the offense and you’re moving, but it’s not full speed. Especially second day, right? Second day, when guys were coming back off things, they’re amped up first day, they do a little more than they probably should. We really pulled the reigns in on all those guys, but they’re all sore. You don’t play stop, start, lean – all that stuff – so no, but it’ll come back quickly.”

(On the importance of the left tackle position and Donald Penn)

“Well it’s certainly a priority position, you’re protecting the blindside of your quarterback, if you have a righty quarterback, which we do. Donald, I’m impressed with the effort that he has put into himself this offseason. He’s gotten himself ready. I thought he made strides last year to get to where he was at the end of the season. I think he just took that and ran with it this offseason. He’s in the best shape since I’ve known him, and I like his attitude and his temperament out there right now. It’s one of maturity, and that’s what we need from him.”

(On if Penn loves football)

“Oh yeah, there’s no doubt.”

(On guards Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks)

“Carl and Davin are obviously critical parts of our front offensively, and we just want to make sure that we don’t go too fast. Because again, at that position, you’re hitting sleds and you’re leaning on each other and you’re torquing. It’s different than just running and making cuts, even if there’s a guy next to you running. This is darn near Sumo wrestling in there with those guys, so we just [have] got to make sure that we take it step by step, because when you skip a step there, you’re talking about 700 pounds of men just wrestling around. That can get dangerous. But I am encouraged, and I think we’ve just got to stick to the plan. You do, you want to see them. You’re like, ‘Let’s get in there,’ but you set up the plan when you’re not out there, and when you want to see them, you’ve got to stick to it. That’s what you do.”

(On what Joseph and Nicks bring to the team)

“They bring a lot, and I thought the guys who stepped in did a great job. We gained valuable experience, but you don’t repjlace those two guys. So if we can get them back healthy, which they’re right on path to do that, they bring not only really good play, but they’re both guys that have played in this league and have been successful. That always helps when you have those guys in your huddle.”

(On the health of defensive end Da’Quan Bowers and the entire team)

“Well it’s important with all our guys. Fifty-three man roster and then 46 play on game day, you don’t have a lot of spares, so we’ve got to keep everybody healthy. I think with Da’Quan, because of some of his history, you really think about it a little more, probably, but he’s working hard and he’s playing his way into every-down condition both mentally and physically, and that’s what he needs to do.”

(On his message to Bowers heading into this offseason)

“I’ve said what I’ve said. He’s got to go out and do it to be an every-down player. You can talk about it, you can come visit with me and we dcan talk about it, but situational pass rusher is not a bad deal. You know, you go out there, 95-percent of the time they throw the ball, so you don’t have to play the run, you don’t have to do the dirty work, so when you get where you’re a first and second down player as well as a pass rusher, a third down player, then your world really gets harder. To me, the mental toughness it takes to go down after down after down is something that isn’t [easy]. That’s why a lot of guys who do it in college can’t just come to this league and do it, because the competition is so strong and it’s such a violent world there in the front-seven play, that you need to work your way into it. And I think he is, I mean, that’s the key. We talked about it very openely. That’s what you’ve got to do, there’s no easy way to do it. And he’s embraced it so far, which is good.”

(On the leadership between the defensive line and defensive backfield)

“I’m glad that Dashon [Goldson], he brings leadership to our defense, there’s no doubt. But I think we have leadership in the front as well, and I think what happens is position pride – when these guys have pride in their position group, and now you have three position groups on defense that all have a strong feeling about their unit – that’s great. In a way, that’s a competition of it’s own, where the defensive front, they think they’re the deal, and the secondary thinks they’re the deal and the linebackers think they’re the deal – that’s good. You want it to be that way. You don’t want it to be the little guy who’s holding everything back. And I don’t think we have that on this football team, I think we have units that are going to compete to be the leadership unit, so I think it’s good.”

(On excitement to get the players in pads on Saturday)

“That’s the way we play the game. It’s been a long time since we’ve been in pads. Again, stick to the plan. Do the things that you have scripted out. Coach [John] Wooden always used to say, ‘You set a plan, stick to the plan.’ It’s when you get in trouble is when you start freelancing out there on the practice field, because of emotion, you get angry, what have you. You know what’s got to get done. Go out, set the plan, and then execute it.”

(On the expectations for Night Practice)

“Well, number one, I want our fans to have a great experience. This is huge for us, huge for the fans to get in the stadium. We can get better and still have some fun doing some different things, so we’re going to do some fun things for the fans. We’re also going to practice; we’re going to do a two-minute drill, we’re going to run our offense and defense up the field, do some kicking-game stuff, but there’ll be some competitions and will be a little bit fun. Some fun things. So I’m going to put on my salesman’s hat: I think the fans should come on out and see it. It’ll be a lot of fun. Tell Bowers that, right? He’s looking for some fun.”

(On his evaluation of Mason Foster last year and this offseason)

“Well, I thought Mason grew in this defense, and as he learned it and understood it better, he got better and better. I thought he was a playmaker, I thought he did some good things. I think this offseason he’s made huge strides. I think he understands it umpteen times better, I think he reacts more quickly because of that, and I don’t think – I know he’s a guy who loves it and wants to be the best. I think we have a nice group there of passionate guys about playing football, of the linebacking crew. They feed off each other.”

(On the mental side of Mason Foster’s game)

“Well he’s got great instincts. I mean, that’s one thing Mason has. But if you just went out there and just played on instincts, you’d make a lot of mistakes. Because our defense, and I don’t know any defense that isn’t, is team-based. One guy relies a ton on the guy next to him. It’s gap control. So if you have a guy who’s just playing on instincts, yeah, he may get to the ball, but he’ll also give up a home run. So learning the scheme, and, you don’t want to take those instincts out of a guy, so within the scheme, you want to use those instincts. And I think Mason is getting better and better, and we need him to, but he is.”

(On tackle Gabe Carimi)

“Yeah, I think he’s looked pretty good. I mean, it’s two days, and then I think we had him what, two days in the spring? So I’ve coached him four days. I’m probably not an expert, yet, but he works hard, he’s serious about it, he’s smart, so those are good things to have a head start on, but I think we’re going to be alright.”


(On observing practice as a spectator)
“Coach (Schiano) is getting work out of them, orderly, as you’d expect from him. I’m enjoying being on this side of the fence. I look forward to covering this team for a couple of weeks with you guys at WFLA, and getting on with the rest of my life.”

(On if he misses the game)
“I don’t. I’m good being at home. I’m good following it from afar. I spent 23 years or so playing high-level football. I’m good to be a spectator.”

(On preparing for a career in broadcasting)
“I imagine it’ll be like I prepared during my career. That’s really all I know. I’m fortunate to have a lot of guys that have been in this business (broadcasting) that I’ve played with and against. They’ve encouraged me to prepare like I would during a game.”

(On if he will have a problem being objective)
“I don’t think I’ll have any problem being objective. We live in a very subjective world where everybody has an opinion, so I don’t know why mine would be any different.”

(On Warren Sapp calling the offense a “juggernaut”)
“They have the guys, they certainly do. They have the look of (an offensive juggernaut). You’re not one until you put it on the field. But if you were putting together a group of guys and you were saying they were going to have a powerful offense, it would be guys like (wide receivers) Mike (Williams) and Vincent (Jackson) and (running back) Doug Martin. We know all those guys they have up front. They have all the ingredients. They have to get out and make it happen.”

(On who has more pressure: Schiano or quarterback Josh Freeman)
“I don’t think either of those guys are (feeling the pressure) right now. They’ll find a way. I’ve been around those guys long enough, the whole year last year with Coach and a couple of years with Josh. I think the pressure is a built up thing with you guys. They don’t feel it. They go out there and do their jobs. If it’s good enough, it’s good enough. If it’s not, it’s not.”

(On if he has talked to cornerback Darrelle Revis)
“No, none at all. I know him because everybody knows him. I’m sure at some point here, I’ll get to have a conversation with him.”

(On Revis)
“He’s very good. I used to spend a lot of time with (cornerback) Aqib (Talib), when he was here, studying guys. (Revis) was a guy we always went back to because his technique on the line of scrimmage. He does a lot of things right. He has the short space quicks to play on the line of scrimmage, he has the speed to run with anybody, he’s certainly a rare talent. But he’s certainly a rare technician and that makes him the player that he is.”

(On if the front seven feels pressure from the secondary)
“Sixteen years in the league, I’ve never seen a great defense that didn’t start up front. That’s got to be those guys. Speaking of pressure earlier, I don’t think they feel it. They know what their jobs are. They know what the expectation level should be. They’ve got a great leader up there in Gerald (McCoy). He’s proven, he’s been to the Pro Bowl. It’s on his shoulders to accept it.”

(On what it means to be a leader in the NFL)
“I’ve said this in the past, especially since all these young guys started coming in here. Leadership is not designated, you assume it. You can’t say a guy is a captain and expect him to be a leader. It’s something that is proven on the field, proven in the locker room, the way you go about your job. There’s some guys on this team that can do that. It’s a heck of a responsibility, especially in today’s NFL, with the way players are. You need good examples and I expect some guys to really step up and be that for this team.”


(on if he’s ready to put the pads on)
“I’m definitely ready to. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to hit. I’m definitely looking forward to it, it should be fun.”

(on how he feels)
“I feel awesome. It’s been hot these last couple days, so getting prepared is definitely to our advantage down in Tampa. I’m not rehabbing anything. I’m just kind of taking care of my body, using the ice tub, and feeling good.”

(on what kind of adjustment it would be to a have larger role this year)
“It’s not an adjustment at all. This is what I do. This is what I take pride in. Playing football is my job, whether it’s for one play or four. I’ve just got to toughen up and do the job. They’re counting on me and I just want to fulfill my duties.”

(on if there is pressure on the defensive line)
“There’s no pressure; that’s our job. Our job is to put pressure on the quarterback and make them make bad decisions. It’s easy to say it, but we’ve just got to toughen up. We’ve got to do our jobs, do our assignments, and it will take care of itself.”

(on the line working together)
“Teamwork is going to be the thing that gets us through. Last year, like [defensive tackle] Gerald [McCoy] said, I think we had a lot of individuals. But this year we’re working as a team, and everybody eats. Gerald gets the pressure, I get the sack; I get the double-team, Gerald gets the sack. It doesn’t matter who’s getting it – just working together as a team will pay off.”

(on the secondary making a bunch of big plays on Friday)
“Oh man, it feels good. It feels really good to have that extra half second to a second to get to the quarterback. That sounds small but it makes a big difference.”

(on Warren Sapp challenging him and the front four)
“Sapp’s a good friend and a good mentor. If I can play with the kind of intensity that that guy played with all those years, hopefully you guys will be asking me about the next generation sooner or later.”

(on if he has a sack goal in mind this year)
“No number, just as many as I can get. If it’s 10, it’s 10; if it’s six, it’s six; if it’s 20, it’s 20. Whatever helps the team.”


(on the heat)
“It’s definitely challenging, but it’s good… And it’s only going to help throughout the season whenever we play in different kind of weather. If you can be in good condition in this kind of weather, you can face anything.”

(on plays being made by the defensive backs)
“In the secondary, we want to get our hands on as many balls as possible, and I think today was a good job, a good showing of what we can do. We still have a long way coming, but a lot of guys stepped up big-time today and made plays.”

(on if the secondary has something to prove)
“I think every year you do. We’re in a conference where we’re going to be facing some good quarterbacks and especially some good wide receivers, so we definitely have our work cut out week-in and week-out. This training camp is going to get us prepared for that.”

(on the secondary providing leadership)
“Exactly. I stressed that a little earlier today with the team. As a secondary, you want to be the best athletes on the team and definitely set the tone. You’ve got to get that ball back so the quarterback can go out there and put points on the board. With that being said, we’ve got to just keep coming and get on the same page.”

(on Johnthan Banks making some big plays in practice)
“Johnthan Banks is doing a good job on and off the field. In the team room and in the (position) meeting room he’s paying attention, he’s understanding the game of football and he’s putting himself in position to make plays. That’s a good thing.”


(On the Night Practice)
“We love it when people come out and support us we have great fans. To be in that stadium, not for the first time, but for the first time as a Buc, will be really exciting. We’re going to make the most out of it. We’re going to have some fun. We’re going to make some plays and be running around and you guys will like it too.”

(On his expectations throughout training camp)
“Right now my expectations are the same as everyone else: coming in every day and get better. Find something that you can get better at. I know that sounds cliché and boring, but it is 100% true. You can come in and compete on the field every day. Competing in those meeting rooms gives yourself the best chance to be the best player you can be. That’s what makes you valuable.”

(On his comfort with the offense)
“It’s good. It’s a lot better than the first time hearing it. I was making a lot of mistakes during OTAs and, not making them twice, but once was bad enough. Here in this offense, getting it installed again for the second time is an advantage for me. It’s an advantage for all the guys to hear it again. Now it’s not about worrying about an assignment or an alignment. It’s those tips and those things that can help you when you don’t have to think about what you are doing, but how you are going to do it. Assessing the defense more and those type of things.”

(On Coach Schiano calling him unique)
“Schiano said that? I don’t want to use a bunch of I’s and Me’s, but it’s all about the time right now and getting better. I work all year to come out here and compete and be the best player that I can be. As far as adding something to the team, I am just a guy that competes his butt off and likes to make plays. I’m a receiver, that’s what we like to do. We got to get out there and catch the ball and we have to block as well. As far as being unique, I can play outside, I can play inside. I think that helps a little bit when you are thinking about game planning on teams and looking at matchups. Find a little advantage for our offense.”

(On playing in different formations)
“It would definitely help to know all the places- to be able to be put inside, to be able to be put outside. It helps the team, it helps your chances. Overall it’s a really good thing.”

(On having to adjust to a different team)
“It wasn’t the first time because I had to come from college into the league. It’s football. It’s being a student of the game, getting in your playbook. Some of the stuff it’s the same play we just call it different things. Terminology is a big part of it. Just studying it and knowing you know it.”

(On having to adjust to a different quarterback)
“It’s fun. Gaining the trust of someone is always a process. Just doing that (gaining trust) and coming out here and trying to make plays (and) be where he (Schiano) wants you to be is my goal every day. And that being said, every day (I) have to get better and trust.”


(On being a leader)
“I’m trying to be more of a leader, and I’m trying to be a leader my way. You know, just do it my way here and there.”

(On if he’s happy about Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph being back on the line)
“I’m so happy, man. I’ve had different guards almost every year I’ve played with the Bucs. It’s going to be good to get Carl back and get some (things) settled because we just got rolling last year when he was out for the year. We were just starting to hit our prime and then he went out, so it’s good to get him back and I can’t wait to get him back doing a little bit more. Like I tell them every day, ‘don’t push it, it’s still early, we need you (for the) first game.’ And as an offensive lineman, you can come in and do this stuff and you don’t need as much preseason work as maybe a receiver, a cornerback or other position. You know you can come in and get it. So, I’m just telling them to ‘take their time and come back when they are ready,’ you know we’re going to be here. Every time we do individual work, me and Carl working hand-in-hand, we’re getting better, just trying to get our timing down.”

(On the franchise locking up key players long-term)
“The culture’s changing man, culture’s changing. Now it’s our job to turn it into wins. This season, we put a lot of pieces in place and now we’ve just got to go out there and do it. I’m very excited and I’m really happy and I’m really excited about this season, I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people. But I’m tired of talking about it, I can’t wait until we can go so we can show you guys and stop doing all of this talking.”

(On Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph’s health)
“Yeah they’re good, but we’re being smart with them. We’re being smart with Revis, you know, you don’t want any set-backs. We have one of the best, not one of, we have the best training staff in the league. Todd (Toriscelli) is great so I trust everything they’re doing.”

(On his excitement to put on pads for Saturday’s night practice)
“Yeah I am, I am. I’m excited (and) glad it’s going to be at night too, it’s hot. But yeah I am excited man, because that’s when you really get to start the competition and all this little patty cake stuff, ready to get the real stuff tomorrow so there won’t be any more excuses.”

(On the pieces put together on the offensive side of the ball)
“On paper it looks good, but if you look at our stats last year they look great too, but we just have to get more wins. We ran the ball well, I think Josh (Freeman) had a great offseason. I think he’s doing better and better every day. He should have a lot of motivation seeing all of these quarterbacks signing. Shoot, I know I would if I were him. He’s ready to go and we’re just getting better, we’re just getting better. We brought some guys in, it’s going to be a tough spot for that backup running back spot, it’s going to be a tough spot for that third receiver spot, and it’s going to be a tough spot for some of our backup o-line guys. One thing about our o-line, we’ve got a lot of guys that are going to be backups that would start on other teams. It’s great to have that; a lot of teams don’t have that.”

(On his expectations for Doug Martin)
“He’s so humble. You ask him he’s probably going to stay mute, he’s such a humble guy. We’re just going to try to lead the way and make it easy for him. We’re going to get the two big hogs back in the middle and we’re just going to try to make it easier for him. We’ve got to build from last year with the running game; we’ve got to build in that perspective we’ve got to build from last year, we can’t take a step back.”

(On if he thinks he has something to prove this year)
“I mean man, the way you all talk about me man sometimes I feel like I haven’t done anything in this league. But you know I let it go, I’m a funny, easygoing guy. But I do have a little chip on my shoulder and it’s going to be tough on the people I’m playing against. I don’t like critics so I like to prove critics wrong, I’ve been doing it my whole career and I’m going to try to do it again.”

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