Bucs’ Jenkins Models Himself After Jimmy Graham

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins on the second day of the NFL Draft.

(On if he’s surprised to be selected by Tampa Bay)

“Not at all, I’m happy, extremely blessed, highly favored and I’m really excited to be here.”

(On what he brings to Tampa Bay’s offense)

“I’m going to bring explosiveness, I’m going to bring play-making ability, I’m going to bring blocking; I’m going to bring an all-around tight end that can play on three downs and a guy that’s going to work hard and chase Super Bowls and try and win as many games as possible for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization.”

(On if he was hoping to land in Tampa Bay)

“No, I just wanted to end up playing football. I just wanted to keep playing, it didn’t matter where. I’m really happy that it’s Tampa, [Head] Coach Lovie Smith, [tight ends] Coach [Jon] Embree and all of those guys. I feel very fortunate to have those guys in my corner. I’m very, very, very excited to be a part of an organization.”

(On the playing weight he most comfortable at)

“I’m going to be 260 pounds for the rest of my career. 260-265 pounds.”

(On if he was told put on weight)

“I was just asked to do more in the run-blocking game and I thought that would help by gaining weight and it really didn’t. I learned that it had to do with technique, so I’m not going to be that heavy anymore. It really just comes down to understanding technique and fundamentals.”

(On if he knew that Tampa Bay was interested in him)

“Yeah I thought it went well. We had an interview so I knew that there was some interest there, but the fact that they took a pretty high pick on me I feel very, very fortunate and I’m very excited.”

(On how his basketball background helps him as a player)

“It helps me so much, being able to play basketball at a high level, adjusting to the ball in the air, quick feet, quick hands and all of that stuff definitely translates to playing tight end in the National Football League.”

(On being a part of a tall receiving group)

“Yeah, I like our odds. What do you guys think?”

(On who influenced his game)

“I try and model my game after trying to be my own player. I think I definitely try to do some of the things [New Orleans tight end] Jimmy Graham can do, he’s a phenomenal player. I try and model myself after him. I tried to model myself in the same aspect as [Pittsburgh’s] Heath Miller, being an all-around tight end.”

(On what went through his mind when got the call from Tampa)

“I was just in shock, I couldn’t believe it. I was just so excited and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m just so blessed and happy. With everything that I’ve been through, my family here with me, the people that couldn’t be here, couldn’t make it through life or whatever, I made it to this point and there’s still a lot more work to do, there’s a lot more  to achieve and there’s a lot more room to improve. I got to a place where I wanted to be in and now it’s time to get to the next level and bringing my game to the next level and helping bring this organization get to the next level.”

(On having a big game against former California Head Coach and current Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford)

“I remember that we had a good game plan and we executed it. I had a big game and we beat them.”

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media