Bucs Schiano On Darrelle Revis practicing again today

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon about the QB struggles, the health of Revis and the signing of Trevor Scott.

(On signing defensive end Trevor Scott)
“He’s just a guy that we thought we could take a look at and see if he can help us be better. So, we’ve got a couple practices and a game to look at him, and we’ll determine from there.”

(On Scott’s strengths)
“We wouldn’t bring him here if we didn’t think he was a good football player. He’s a good all-around player. We’re going to take a look at him and see how he fits, if he fits.”

(On whether or not he’s pleased with where the team is at this point)
“I don’t think coaches are ever pleased. I’m not, no, but I don’t expect to be. A lot of time, frustration comes from unfulfilled expectations. If you make your expectations high, then you shouldn’t be frustrated.”

(On kicker Lawrence Tynes’ injury)
“He’s not over it yet, no.”

(On the affect of Tynes’ injury on the kicking situation)
“Sure. It’s having an impact on a lot of things. Well, we have one kicker in camp, basically for the entire camp, so he’s been doing all the kicking – now his leg’s getting tired as well.”

(On whether or not the team is considering other tryouts for the kicking position)
“Yeah, we’re bringing guys in. I’m not sure what day it is.”

(On kicker Derek Dimke’s performance)
“He’s done a good job.”

(On wide receiver Chris Owusu’s status)
“He did not practice, no.”

(On the location of guard Carl Nicks’ blister)
“I already told you guys that yesterday. I told you it was on a different part of the foot. I’ve never not told you, and that’s more than I probably should tell you. Is that accurate? I shouldn’t be telling you that. Really I could say it’s a body part, it’s a foot, but I told you it’s not on the big toe, so asking me again – that’s a little bit, we haven’t had that yet since I’ve been here. I told you yesterday it’s not on the toe, the surgically-repaired toe.”

(On the progress of Carl Nicks’ injury)
“I don’t know yet. I don’t know yet. The medication’s got to run its course.”

(On running back Jeff Demps’ status)
“Supposedly he’s coming. I don’t know. I don’t worry about guys that aren’t here. Guys that aren’t here – they can’t help us, he can’t help us win right now. He’s not helping us get better right now; he’s running track somewhere. So, if he’s going to do that, when he gets here, if he can help us win, he’ll be part of it. If he gets here and he can’t help us win, he can go back and run track. We’re here to win games, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

(On guard Davin Joseph practicing for a second day in a row)
“Great. Yeah, he practiced again – full day today. He did a good job – very good job.”

(On Darrelle Revis practicing again today)
“Yeah, he did. He worked a whole practice. It was good. Excited about those two guys.”

(On what he liked about defensive end Da’Quan Bowers’ performance in Friday’s game)
“Just the things we’ve been asking him to do. He did some of them more consistently. Still a long way to go, but it was a positive move in the right direction.”

(On the status of the tight end and back-up running back battles)
“Tight end, it’s hard to tell, because [tight end Luke] Stocker has not practiced very much or played very much. It seems like every time he gets going, something happens. It’s not his fault – it’s bad luck or whatever you want to call it. So, that has hurt the position. [Tight end Tom] Crabtree’s worked his tail off. [Tight end] Nate Byham has worked his tail off. So, it’s just going to have to sort itself out. One of the key guys we were counting on hasn’t done much. The running back position I think has cleaned itself up pretty well. I think we’ve got some good choices there. We’ve just got to decide what and how many.

(On the strong side linebacker competition)
“I think it’s great competition. If you’ve noticed, they’ve even taken turns going with the ones [starters] and stuff. They’re driving each other, and if we play two of them, that’s fine with me, too, because they’re both key special teams contributors. [Linebacker] Jonathan [Casillas] does a little more in our sub-package, too. I think there’s going to be plenty of plays to go around for those guys, but they’re two key guys in our entire picture there.”

(On if he has been pleasantly surprised by linebacker Jonathan Casillas’ performance)
“Remember, I have a long history with him, so I kind of thought he’d be a good player for us. That’s why we signed him, so I wasn’t really surprised. I’m glad he’s playing at a high level though. He’s a very physical player. There are some plays in games and practice where you just say, ‘This guy loves contact.’”

(On the battle between cornerbacks Johnthan Banks and Leonard Johnson)
“They’re both playing hard, they’re both competing hard. So, clarity – I’m not sure if I could tell you, today, this guy or that guy – no.”

(On whether Banks or Johnson might be better suited for the nickel cornerback position)
[Cornerback] Leonard’s [Johnson] been playing the nickel, [cornerback] Johnthan [Banks] hasn’t, so Johnthan couldn’t jump in there now and do it; he hasn’t practiced it at all. Leonard, I think, can be a good nickel some day, I just don’t know if that ‘someday’ is the 8th. We’ll have to figure that out. That’s a different feel in there – it’s kind of a hybrid. It’s a third safety, a third linebacker, and a third corner, depending on what we’re doing – whether it’s a nickel situation or sub situation. So, those guys really have to be – that’s why [former defensive back] Ronde [Barber], for all those years, was such a valuable guy, because everybody says, ‘Make him a nickel! Make him a nickel!” That’s a hard job. There’s a lot of things you’ve got to be good at.”

(On the status of the fullback position)
“We’ll have a lot of different combinations when we want to be two-back, because you’re right. Right now, [fullback Eric] Lorig is not – he’s still in a boot. [Fullback] Spencer [Larsen] hasn’t been full-go; he’s had some issues. I think today he might have done more than he’s done in the last week. So, we do it with tight ends; we do it with [running back Brian] Leonard; and [running back] Mike James has done some. But it’s certainly not ideal. It’s not what the plan was. We did want to work different tight ends in there, but that was going to be more of a strategic thing than a ‘must/have-to-do.’ So, yeah, that’s not a great situation right now.”

(On if Leonard is healthy)
“He is healthy, and he could’ve played in the game Friday night. I said that – that’s the reason that we said – we didn’t even dress him; we said, ‘Just get treatment. Let’s get ready for next week.’ He could’ve played in the game and done fine, but we wanted to see those other guys run the ball. We already saw him do his special teams work, so we felt like why even mess around with it if something could get re-tweaked; it wouldn’t be worth it for the limited amount of play he was going to see. He’s done fine; he’s been out in practice doing a good job.”

(On if Leonard was dealing with a hamstring injury)
“No, something like his hip or something.”

(On preseason games being valuable for things that can’t be simulated in practice, such as the headsets going out)
“Yeah, all that stuff’s good. That’s why we like to do situational stuff out there. Now, even though it’s a walkie-talkie, it’s still the same communication device for the linebackers and for the quarterback. We’ll do all kind – we’ll put the noise right behind [linebackers coach] Robb [Smith]; as Robb’s calling in the defense, all they hear is music. Sometimes that happens when the wires get crossed. But that’s all stuff you’ve got to – we have hand signals – you’ve got to be able to do all that stuff on the fly, and sub people, and when you have 90 guys, it’s a little more difficult. And I get frustrated because I see guys aren’t sure – there’s no excuse for that, in my opinion. I don’t care if you have 150 guys – you’ve got to have that down. Nothing irks me more than that. So, all those game day things – and that’s why all the work with New England was so good, not just the game, but we did a lot of situational work. Both teams on the sideline, both staffs, other than me and [New England Head Coach] Bill [Belichick], on the sideline. That’s what coaches, players, organizations need to get ready for the season. You see so much sloppy stuff at the beginning of the year just because guys aren’t accustomed to it. We’re trying to get out in front of it, but some stuff is hard to predict.”

(On where he places emphasis on the results of preseason games)
“Well, there’s a lot that goes into preseason games; obviously you guys see the combinations of people that are out there. But the other things are, ‘Yeah, we would do this, but…we would do that, but…you would adjust this, but…we would help the tackle, but…’ There are a lot of those ‘but’s’ that, I think, some people maybe do more, some people do less, and it’s a personal decision, a personal preference. So, that’s what makes it weird to judge – not only the personnel but also how much preparation time goes into that. We take the school of thought a little bit more – I shouldn’t say that, because I don’t know what other people do. Our philosophy is we focus on the Bucs. We do show them some stuff about the opponent, but it’s like day before or day of. Now, this week’s a little different; this week, we prepare a little bit more just, kind of, for ourselves to get a groove on a game week. It’s not officially, and it’s different timing and all that stuff, but they go through the parts of the preparation just so the new guys get a feel for it and the old guys, the vets, get themselves back in the groove.”

(On his approach to preseason evaluation and how it may affect his perception of individual player performance)
“Again, what did he [quarterback Josh Freeman] have? I don’t know how many reps he had; if he had 20, he had a lot, right? But I look at that drive – everything feels different when [wide receiver Kevin] Ogletree makes that [catch], because that’s a ‘hall of fame throw,’ right? That’s a 30-yard bullet. And just get your hands together and make the catch, all of a sudden we’re on the plus-side of the field and, ‘Ooh, that feels good.’ But, as a fan or as someone who’s watching the game, it’s like, ‘Aww!’ I sit there and say, ‘Okay, we didn’t help; we didn’t chip; we should’ve completed that.’ We’ve got to do that, and until you do it, you’re not worth a dime, but I have confidence we’re going to do that – I have confidence in our guys. This week will be interesting, because we’re going to play some football this weekend, with the guys being together. You’ve got to develop a chemistry – no doubt – on the practice field, and in the different areas of the building, but there’s certain chemistry – just to see how other guys perform under stress. But again, at the end of the day, this isn’t really – you know, I don’t think any of the guys that are out there don’t think they’re going to make the team at the beginning of the game. Does that make sense? So, it’s not truly the stress of winning an NFL football game, but they’re competitors, and they make it that once it’s time to play. They make it that.”

(On if he’s surprised by recent criticism of quarterback Josh Freeman)
“I am not even aware of it. That’s how much I live in this bunker: One Buc Bunker. Nothing surprises me, trust me. That goes with being the quarterback and the head coach, and probably the quarterback, even more than the head coach, is open to a lot of that. Nothing would surprise me, but the only thing that he needs to know is the only people that really matter are his teammates, his coach, and his owners and management; those are the people that make the decisions around here. He just needs to keep going. I think he’s had a really good camp so far. That’s the thing that we’re getting the players to understand: We’re still in training camp. Even though we’re getting ready for this Miami deal, this is training camp. When we get to Jet preparation, then it’s not training camp.”

Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media