Bucs May Trade Back Into First Round

The Buccaneers have already spent their first-round draft pick on cornerback Darrelle Revis. But that doesn’t mean they’re taking Thursday night off.

In fact, Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik says he has looked at scenarios in which the Bucs will trade back into the first round of the draft, especially if a player they like starts to drop.

“You get a little antsy, but we’ve already gone through scenarios,” Dominik said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “Who are the guys you’d consider going to get depending on how far they drop? Here’s what it takes. We’ve gone through a lot of [debates] that way. . . . We walk into this draft with seven picks still. . . I think it allows you the ammunition to be able to move around and be fluid if you want to.”

The Bucs moved back into the first round last year, packaging a fourth-round pick with their second-round pick (No. 36 overall) so that they could get the No. 31 overall pick and draft running back Doug Martin. That worked out very well, so it’s not surprising that they’re thinking along those lines again.

This year the Bucs’ second-round pick is No. 43 overall. If a player they like is still on the board in the late 20s or early 30s, don’t be surprised if they package No. 43 and another pick to move back into the first round.

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